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I lead one of the most engaged teams in the company (Go, Thriving Foodies, Go!). My philosophy is to put the team first and the rest will come. I will support and encourage you to reach whatever goals YOU set (and will never pressure you). I'll be your number one fan and cheerleader throughout your journey. Thrive Life offers an incredible ground floor opportunity to promote something amazing that is a NEED (groceries!) all while having fun, building friendships, and being rewarded. Join me and help spread the word - you won't regret it!
As Your Mentor
We love customers! In this business, it isn't all about "enrolling". We really value our customers! As your personal Consultant, I am at your service with...

- Recommendations (I've tried it all)
- Knowledge (I'm a Thrive Life know-it-all)
- Account support (mistakes happen, I'll help fix them)
- Creative ideas (many interesting ways to use Thrive food!) 
- Customer Service Liaison (I even have a dedicated CS Rep)

Let me help you get started! 
As Your Personal Consultant
What my Clients are Saying
I help busy people like you save time in the kitchen while eating healthier. These days, with our "on the go" lifestyle, time is a hot commodity. We often sacrifice nutrition for convenience, amiright? But I've got a life hack to share with you! Being a leader with Thrive Life has allowed me to help enrich the lives of many by offering quick, easy, and healthy mealtime (and snack!) solutions. Let's chat!
Hi, I'm Trisha.
"I love to cook, I don’t mind spending hours driving to 5 different grocery stores for the perfect ingredients or a whole day slaving over the stove for the perfect meal. My husband however…..if it takes more than 5 minutes of effort or 3 ingredients, I probably won’t be eating the most nutritious meal. Having Thrive is a life safer for my health! He’s able to quickly and lazily toss in more vegetables to whip up a healthy and flavor packed meal within his 5 minutes of effort! I never would have taken the leap of faith into THRIVE’s line of food if it wasn’t for Trisha Zook. She isn’t a sales rep, she’s a health buddy and shopping coach. Her contagious passion, smile, honesty and genuine love of Thrive is inspiring in the kitchen and life! She’s helped me answer 3AM questions about navigating the website, reminded me of sales, and fixed some mistakes that I’ve accidentally made! She’s always quick and takes the time to get to understand my husband and I’s cooking style to provide the tips and encouragement we needed to implement Thrive into our daily cooking repertoire. With a baby on the way, my husband and I can’t wait to start making baby food!!! Thank-you Trisha for being such a positive and awesome force!"
- Susan N.
"Trisha is there anytime I have any questions about anything. She helps keep up you to date on new products, good deals and unique opportunities. She makes ordering, asking questions and trying new things out easy as a breeze."
- Claire P.
“Having a consultant is amazing! Trisha is always the one on top of my account letting me know when deals come around, when my next deliveries are set, and even when she thinks there’s something new out that I would like. She totally does the work for me, and I’m really grateful for that.”
- Krystal K.

Team Leader
My Thrive Life Resume
*2015-2020 Business Advisory Board Member 
*2014-2020 Corporate Events Presenter
*2015 Caribbean Fantasy Getaway Earner
*2015-2018 Convention Speaker/Trainer
*2016 Los Cabos Fantasy Getaway Earner
*2016 Thrive Games Gold Medal Earner
*2017 Aruba Fantasy Getaway Earner
*2018-2019 Leadership Academy Trainer
*2018 Panama Fantasy Getaway Earner
*2018 "People's Choice" Best Leader award recipient
*2019 Bahamas Fantasy Getaway Earner